Durango SDA Church

To know and share God's love, to be led by him into discipleship and to increase our service to others through His loving grace.




                                                        January  4, 2020


PRAY 2020: Prayer Conference- RMC Prayer Ministries and Campion Church welcome Jerry and Janet Page (GC Ministerial). Bolster your prayer life January 11-12 at Campion Church (300 42nd Street SW, Loveland, CO). All are invited. For more information and potential lodging options, call: (970) 667-7403.


January 23-25- We will be presenting the VOP Series “Final Empire”! A nation-wide promoted evangelism presentation focusing on the United States in the end time events!


Tiffany could use some help- next week. All of her teaching supplies for the little ones in her room need to be sterilized before they come back in a week. Monday, January 6.


Please remember- that Julia is coming back on the 11th of January to tell us more about the evangelism program we are excited to get started! We’ll also have a church constituency meeting that night!


CPR- with Ron Price starts on the 8th of January! Check out the flyer!


Final Freedom- is January 22-25!

Get ready!

Start inviting people now!

It will be exceptional!

The signs are going up!

You can get flyers to pass out and invite people!