Durango SDA Church

To know and share God's love, to be led by him into discipleship and to increase our service to others through His loving grace.



October 13, 2018

 Financial Update – September 2018   

                                                                     Monthly Budget                                                                                                       $4,685.83

                                                                     September Contributions Received                                                              $7,251.04

                                                                     Year-to-Date Budgeted                                                                                     $42,172.47

                                                                         Year-to-Date Contributions Received                                                       $48,233.39

                                                                         Year-to-Date Variance                                                                                        +$6,060.92



CCS and Sonflower preschool- There will be a work bee Sunday, October 21

  10 a.m.-3 p.m. for the garden, preschool playground and the

   backyard/playground areas.




Time Change – Parents and youth, please note that the start time for the LIGHT group has been changed to 4:00-7:00 p.m. this fall.  Thank you.




Prison Ministry – If you would like to give Bible studies at La Plata County Jail, please contact Pam as soon as possible.  A training class will take place shortly, which is required before working with the inmates.  Thanks!



BibleSticks – For just $25, you can send a Military BibleStick (the Audio Drama New Testament and selected Psalms) to any member of our armed forces.  Go to www.militarybiblestick.com to bless one of our troops!



Hurricane Florence – You can find a needs list and donate wisely to Hurricane Florence recovery at www.communityservices.org. Information for ordering other supplies can also be found on Amazon or Walmart.com




“The Appearing” – Continues tonight at 7:02 p.m. and wraps up tomorrow evening at 7:03 p.m.  with “The Battle of Armageddon”



Church Campout – The church campout at Moab, Utah, has been cancelled.



LaVida Mission – Please consult the LaVida needs list on the bulletin board and deliver your boxed contributions to the church by Friday, November 2.



CA Students – About 60-70 Campion students will be here the weekend of November 8-11.  Housing and meals are needed for them all.  Please contact Pam, Jenn or JanElla to provide a room or assist with food. There are sign up sheets at the church or in your email. Thank you!